Bang them keys!

Bang them keys!
Must love the writing life...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I got a scanner!

Finally! I purchased a DoxieGo+Wifi scanner and paid extra for an AC adapter as I don't like charging via USB. I'm so excited. I finally get to scan the work I do on my Hermes.  You can find the scanner here: 
This is my last semester of school, and I'm actually taking a creative writing class. I need to develop a thick skin quick before I show myworkshop group a thing! 
Yesterday, Dr. Cauthen split us up into groups so we could find weaknesses in a poem he just happened to find online. The criticism was brutal. All I could come up with was "cheese." I was corrected by a fellow classmate to not use that word as it is insulting and not specific to be constructive. She said to use the word, "vague." I smiled and said, "You are right. That's exactly what I meant when I said 'cheese'."  Sigh.  It's gonna be a LONG 15 weeks.  
Dr. C. had us go purchase a Moleskine. Dear Lord. Seriously? 19.99? Worst part is it looks like this:

Now, I love Star Wars.  But I don't LOVE Star Wars; you know?  I just replaced my R2D2 phone with an iPhone.  But this just stamps NERD on my forehead.  (The poster is cool though).  

When I open it, it says the following:

I don't need to see this when I already have a very bad feeling about what I'm about to show in workshops.  Sigh.  (It was the only hard cover the store had).  And Dr. C. wants a hard cover.  And I'm such a nerd that I just have to do what Dr. C. expects.  Ya.
Anywho.  I'm going to use my Doxie scanner to upload all the garbage that comes out of Freewriting on my Hermes onto the cloud, so that I can highlight any potential gems for future use and upload them to myEvernote account instead of hiding them under my bed.  Because there is some scary stuff that comes up that I don't want anybody else seeing.   And I will use it to upload my work here... which is the real reason I got this scanner ;)
BTW.  Dr. C. told me to forget about Bukowski and aim higher intellectually for the course.  Sigh.  Why do academics look down their noses at Charles Bukowski?  Is it because he has poems called, "The night I fucked my alarm clock," or "I taste the ashes of your death," or "I have shit stains in my underwear too"?  Too gritty?  Too Low-Brow?  Too Realistic?  I think the man is a genius.  Maybe I should do my dissertation on him.  But I cannot use his writing as an example in this course.  So I wrote in my journal about my not understanding why academics won't accept him, and that if I can't use his works, then maybe I can use his advice on writing.  So I wrote a bunch of his quotes down about the writing life to get me through plateaus.  Of course, my Professor will read this.  Sigh.  But ultimately, IT'S MY NERDY JOURNAL!
Can't wait for my scanner to get here...  :)


  1. Way to go with Bukowski! Your intellectual professor can go fellate himself. The only reason why people in academics don't like him is because he didn't rely on "artistic" integrity and instead wrote the truth. Although I haven't read much of his poetry, I'm a huge fan of his fiction. You should definitely do your dissertation on him. He's a very under-appreciated writer.

    1. Thanks, Bryan. I never took my professor up on his offer to try for a better grade. I earned my "C" grade and I'm kind of proud of it. Lol. One day, I will do my dissertation on Bukowski. I'm thinking Irvine.

  2. Replies
    1. I know this is over a year later, Jaysus, that I am replying to you, Lordy, but I simply LOVE my scanner. It takes up no space on my desk, sits right under my iMac, and gets the job done. It's super easy to use and never gives me problems. It was also a lifesaver with my Aural Language skills English class, where I had to print, proofread and color-highlight certain passages. The PDF's came out gorgeous.

  3. That's one snazzy typewriter, Mona! How are your creative writing classes going? Yep, it's quite a challenge to critique literary pieces, especially poems. How's the scanner so far? Having wi-fi installed in your scanner is cool. I bet you love it. ;D

    -Ruby Badcoe

    1. Thank you, Ruby. I love my Hermie. I LOVED my creative writing class and all my lit classes. I miss lit classes the most. I'm going to focus on finishing court reporting school, getting the state license, and getting to work in depositions for now. Once I know what I am in for, I am thinking workshops and getting a portfolio together to present to Irvine for a comparative literature doctorate program. (I'm still in pursuit of my Academic dreams). I'm also discerning that perhaps a low-residency M.F.A. program in creative writing might be a good fit for me. I'm looking into Antioch University in L.A. as a possibility. And then I think of the Poet Ted Barrigan, who returned his MA to the University of Tulsa Oklahoma saying that he was the "master of no art." And so that makes me think that maybe I should be a court reporter and "just write" like Bukowski said to do if one is moved to. So, apparently, bang them keys or do not bang them keys is all there is to it. Lol. Who knows where my court reporting career will take me. So many things I want to achieve in this field, too! So maybe I should just focus on the task at hand and what is important to me, steno, writing and literature. And as a bonus, I will hold on to these big, academic dreams of mine while enjoying the journey. They could very well happen. ;) Yup. Wifi on the scanner is AWESOME! Lol. But I took the wifi card out and use it with my Fujitsu camera now. Ha. (Not an SLR).