Bang them keys!

Bang them keys!
Must love the writing life...

Friday, January 27, 2012

Blah! I won't be buying a USBTypewriter Kit...

Awe! Jack Zylkin got back to me ASAP and emailed me the following:

"Thanks for your enthusiasm about my invention!  Unfortunately, I don't think the kit will work on a Hermes, because the Hermes has a solid steel frame underneath it -- you can't access any of the mechanisms without taking apart the typewriter.  Sorry!"

(That's okay, Jack. Thanks for letting me know. Thank goodness he let me know about it right away. Guess I better tell Gary. Man!

Only way I can get a USB Typewriter is by cheating on my Hermie. I can't do that! Can I? Is owning two Typewriters over-kill...because I do find underwoods attractive...? Sigh. I may just bid on one on eBay...and get the kit... blah. Why can't stuff be easy. Or am I making it complicated? Too bad OCR doesn't let you edit... I do have my Doxie coming...

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  1. It's not that hard to get the shell off a Hermes. The only problem might be finding a place to put the USB connector so the cable can easily plug into it. It's possible that you might have to cut a hole in the shell.