Bang them keys!

Bang them keys!
Must love the writing life...

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Checking in...

It has been an incredible roller coaster ride.  I graduated in May 2012.  That August, I returned to court reporting school to finish what I started.  Yup.  Decided that my doctorate in comparative literature had to wait. And ever since, sparks have been flying off my steno keys.  It is now Spring Semester 2013, and  I am like an athlete in training.  I am seeing some amazing results.  Currently, I write at 180 words per minute.  I need to write at 225.  I can't think of any other career that I would love to pursue.  This is the only career that will allow me to learn something new every single day, that will allow me to feel appreciated for my (highly specialized) skills, and that lets me be my own boss.  And that will allow me the opportunity to live my literary and writing life without starving.  And that is important.  Gawed.  I got a C in creative writing class!  But that is because my professor knows I didn't give it my all.  He offered to do a grade change if I submitted something else on the level that he feels I am capable of.  I took that as a complement and kept my C.  I earned it.  It's MY C.  And now I'm even considering an MFA in creative writing.  Big Dreams here...  They keep me going.

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  1. Wow, what an interesting career path. That is indeed a cool skill, and I hope very marketable. Best wishes as your speed ramps up still farther.