Bang them keys!

Bang them keys!
Must love the writing life...

Monday, April 9, 2012

5 weeks left for May 19th 2012 Graduation

Running around doing midterms.  No time to blog.  Been writing for my creative writing class, but coming up with some major doozies!  Not really doing my workshops justice with the work I'm submitting.  I'm supposed to write 2 hours per day, but I write instead 1 hour before the stuff is due.  I'm bad.  Readings for other courses taking up all of my time, especially Don Quijote.  Even so, I'm glad I'm workshopping my junk.  I get to read some neat stuff from my fellow group members.  Soon, I will post my "creations" here, as typecast.  (I love my scanner).  I'm supposed to graduate May 19th and have kept up my GPA so far; but now I'm wondering if I can make the grade in some of my courses.  Blah! I got my graduation regalia for my honor society and I have another honor society asking me to join and buy their regalia.  Blah.  So far, I have 4 honorary chords to let hang from my neck.  And the thought of wearing one more is off putting.  I really just wanted to wait for my B.A. diploma to arrive and pick it up, but my parents insisted they wanted me to walk.  It's 20 years to the date that I was supposed to have gotten my undergrad.  Wow. Anywho, I want a Mexican Tamborzo at my Graduation.  I wonder if CSU Dominguez Hills will allow me to do that at their Home Depot center?  Maybe at the after graduation reception?  If I get a tamborazo, I will post the celebration video here.  Wish me luck on my Midterms...

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